Mongolia is a landlocked East Asian and Central Asian country, bordered by Russia to the north and the People's Republic of China to the south.

The Mongolian heartland consists of relatively flat steppes. The southern portion of the country is taken up by the Gobi Desert, while the northern and western portions are mountainous. The highest point in Mongolia is Nayramadlin Orgil (Huyten Orgil) at 4,374 m (14,350 feet). Uvs Nuur Lake, shared with Tuva Republic in the Russian Federation, is a natural World Heritage Site.

21 provinces (aimags in Mongolian), the capital city (Ulaanbaatar), including 3 autonomous cities (Darkhan, Erdenet and Choir). The provinces are subdivided into sums, or district of which there are 298. The biggest province is South Gobi Province (Umnugobi aimag) which occupies an area of 165, but due to its rigorous climatic conditions has the smallest population.

Known as "the land of blue sky", Mongolia is a remarkable sunny country enjoying 250 sunny days a year. Mongolia has warm summers and extremely cold winters. The country has the world's most typical continental climate with extreme diurnal and annual ranges of temperature. Average temperature in most of the country is below the freezing point from November to March and close to it in April and October. Winter nights of -40C occur most years (minimum recorded -55C at lake Uvs). Summer extremes reach as high as +40C in the Gobi Desert and +33C in Ulaanbaatar. Monthly temperature variations of +45C to -55C are not uncommon in many regions of Mongolia. Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia has the coldest average temperature of any national capital in the world.

Most Mongolians are Mongol in descent: there are also smaller populations of Kazakh and Tungus people. As in many developing countries, Mongolia's young and rapidly growing population has put great strains on its economy. 50% of Mongolia's population are Buddhist-Lamaist, which is related to Tibetan Buddhism. 40% are atheist, 6% are Shamanist or Christian, and 4% are Muslim.

Mongolia is one of the most extraordinary travel destinations in the world today. It presents one the greatest unspoiled continous tracts of wilderness on the planet, with pristine rivers, lakes and thriving wildlife. Many spectacular parts of Mongolia have been designated strictly protected areas and allow the traveller to enjoy wildlife on a scale unlike any other in all of Asia. Almost have the population lives a nomadic lifestyle moving their nomadic homes called Gers as they travel with their livestock. Almost every Mongolian has a relative who is a nomad and living with nature in the great outdoors Mongolia's way of life.

Mongolia is also one of the last horse based cultures and Mongolians are natural cowboys and cowgirls with children learning to ride as young three years old. Mongolian are tough but soft spoken and very hospitable and with an open door policy for travellers passing through.

The large cities and the capitol Ulan Baatar offer up to date emenities like internet cafes, western style supermarkets, discos, museums, and foreign cuisine.

Top Destinations of Mongolia are Arkhangai Province,Gorkhi-Terelj National Park,Reindeer Breeders, Bayanzag,Hongoriin Els Sand Dunes,Shamanism, Bogd Khan Palace Museum,Karakorum,Tamir River, Elsen Tasarkhai,Khorgo-Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur,Ulaanbaatar, Erdene Zuu,Lake , uvsgul,Yolin Am, Ger,Museum of Natural History,Zaisan Memorial, Gandan Monastery,Naadam Festival,, Gobi Desert,Orkhon River.

About Mongolia

National Capital : Ulaanbaatar

Mongolia Area :
Approx. 1,564,100n Sq Km (603,900 Sq. Mi), 1.10% of total

Mongolia Population :
3,081,677 in 2016 (0.04% in total)

Ethnicity in Mongolia :
96% Mongols, 4% Kazakhs(Approx. in 2010)

Mongolia Languages :
Khalkha Mongol 90%, Turkic, Russian (1999).

Religions in Mongolia:
Buddhist Lamaist 50%, Islam 4%, Shamanism and Christian 4%, none 40% (2004)

Currency :
Tögrög (MNT) ,MNT

Time Zone :
UTC+07 - the provinces of Khovd, Uvs and Bayan--lgii
UTC+08 - most of the country

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