Mzuzu is the capital of Malawi's Northern Region and is the third largest city, by population, in Malawi. It is in the center of an agricultural region, and the area surrounding the city specializes in tea, rubber, and coffee cultivation.The Viphya Forest to the south of the city is the largest man-made forest in Africa.

The city is served by the Mzuzu Airport. The city is home to Mzuzu University, founded in 1994, and Mzuzu Central Hospital, one of four such hospitals in the country.

Mzuzu University is one of the principal universities of Malawi. The school is located in Mzuzu, in the northern region of Malawi. It was founded in 1997 and accepted its first students in 1999.

The school has departments of:

Languages and Literature
Mathematics *(English) Mzuzu University mathematics department
Education and Teaching Studies
Renewable Energy Studies
Library and Information Science
Information and Communication Technology

The school operates the following research centers:

Centre for Open and Distance Learning
Centre for Continuing Education
The Test and Training Centre for Renewable Energy Technologies (TCRET)
Centre for Security Studies
Centre for Environmental Education, Training and Research

The university has the following faculties:

Faculty of Education
Faculty of Information Science and Communications
Faculty of Environmental Sciences
Faculty of Health Science
Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management and
Faculty of Health Sciences

About Malawi

Malawi National Name :
Republic of Malawi

National Capital : Lilongwe

Malawi Area :
Approx. 118,484n Sq Km (45,747 Sq. Mi), 0.08% of total

Malawi Population :
16,407,000 in 2013 (0.23% in total)

Ethnicity in Malawi :
32.67% Chewa, 17.6% Lomwe, 20.5% Yao, 11.5% Ngoni, 8.8% Tumbuka, 5.8% Nyanja, 3.6% Sena, 2.1% Tonga, 1.0% Ngonde, 3.5% others(Approx. in 2008)

Malawi Languages :
English (official), Chichewa (official), other languages important regionally.

Religions in Malawi:
Christian 80%, Islam 13%, none 4% (1998)

Currency :
Kwacha (D) (MWK) ,MWK

Time Zone :
UTC+02 (CAT)